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Team Members:
Scenario Designers / Testers

Rob the "Panzerman" Disney: robisme_ca@hotmail.com Team Leader, Scenario Designer and Tester

We are Looking for a Few New Testers and/or Scenario Designers

If you are interested in joining the team as a tester or Scenario Designer, please email Panzerman.

History of the Combat! Scenario Design Team

The Combat! Scenario design team was started by Rob aka Panzerman during the summer of 2000, as a way to give back to the Combat Mission community. During the first year not much was done, other than the Normandy Scenario Pack, and a few other small battles. During early 2001 the team worked on the Belgium and Netherlands Battle Pack and released it in late spring. In the summer of 2001 Tom aka Warmonger, joined the team and they worked together, along with a few other testers, to make the Rhineland Battle Pack; which was released in January 2002. During the year of 2002 we worked on and released the Seelow Heights Battle Pack. We have released a pack dealing with Operation Barbarossa. Every member of the team, past and present has helped us to fight through the battles we have put together and I would like to give them a big thanks for their time and effort.

More recently for CMAK, we have released a number of battles and now work is underway on engagements in the Scheldt area of North Western Europe. There are also a number of battles in the works dealing with the last days of the third Reich, including the battle of Kepplen, which is in the Rhineland.

The Future

During the next few years the team will continue to release battles for Battlefront.com's Combat Mission series. Some of our former members, Steve "The Mad Russian" Overton, and Tom "Warmonger" Grace are members of the Historical Scenario Group or HSG, and I know that they will continue to provide Combat Mission players with great Historical battles. Also a special thanks is due to the workers at the Proving Grounds who have helped me a great deal in the last year.

Rob the "Panzerman" Disney