What God can and Will do to the Proud
What God can and will do to the proud (Ezekiel 28:1-10)

Ezekiel 28:1-10
Ezekiel is telling Tyre (The King of Babylon at the Time) what the Lord had spoken to him. This clearly show us what God is willing to do; when we let pride and selfishness rule. Most of all God is punishing Tyre because he puts himself above God, by calling himself a god.

We all have times when we let pride get in the way of what God wants us to do. To many of us; if God said to you,'Go out do something that most people find impressive, then give the glory to me,' what would we do? I know I might say, I really don't feel like it today, you know, I am tired or something. The true reason we wouldn't do it is because we don't like to do something and not get credit for it. How often have you done something, and someone else took at the credit, and the reward? How did you feel about that. Now there is a big difference between God, and another person, we all know that. We shoud give the glory to him, because he give us the ability to do, what we did, so truly the glory is his!

The Pharisees were proud; they did the things which they though would make themselfs look good before men. There are some people we know that are proud, you can just look at what they do, and why. In Tyre's case he had to die because of his pride, will you let pride control your life, or God? Only you can decide that.