Conduct (Titus Chapter 2)

Titus Chapter 2
Paul tells us firstly to treat older men and women with respect, trust, and love. To do so is not done easily, as in some cases they seem out of touch with some things, but this does not change there experiences, which can help us through our own tough times. They have lived a long time with their faith, in many cases, and have gone through everything we have. Then he says don't become drunk, for that gives the enemy full control of you.

He also tells young men to use self control. This means many things, not being drunk, is one of them. Do not fall into the thinking of the world that you have to be tough and look muscular! For truly, how you look does not change how you and the Lord connect. We are not hear to look good before people, but to serve God. Do not fall into the lie from the world that you are an unfeeling person, with no cares for others.

Next, Paul tells young women to love their husbands and children. This may not mean much now if you are in your teens, but it tells us that you need to, love your family for who they are. God may give you the gift of a family! Truly this is one of the greatest gifts. Remember when you marry you become one soul, God binds you together. As he will do with us and Christ!

Do good deeds, that tell of God, with full truth, so that your enemies cannot deny that what you say is true!

Also we must remember that God's grace, has fallen on all those who surrender themselves to him. Renounce irreligion and worldy passions! He also tells us to live sober, upright, and godly lives, that follow the will of our Father.

This may mean changing things we do in our everyday lives, but is not going to heaven worth it? Whatever happens on Earth will not change the fact that you are a child of God, but from what I can see; the way we do things now will effect what we do in heaven. To serve God better, we must give up ourselves, how do we do this, ask Him to take over, give him everything! This does not mean, giving everything we have away at all, it means committing our lives to doing things the way God would want us to, not the way the rest of the World does.

*Note, My translation is different then the one provided, thus the way I look at it may be different.