Study for August 20, 2002

The Hatred of the World (John 15:18-27)

John 15:18-20
Jesus is tell the disciples (us as well) that if people of the world could not see him as the way of life, and truth, then they will hate us for believeing it. The people which serve the world hunted for Jesus and had him killed, so someday they will do the same to us for His name sake. He also said that if we stand with God, he will be with us, and if God is for us, who can defeat us? If we follow the truth that Jesus sent to us, that is why they will come after us, because they went out to kill him they will do the same to us. The world loves its own; but we love God, not the world, and that is why it hates us.

John 15:21

Truly if the people of the world don't know that God sent Jesus to Earth to save us all, from Sin, then they will not understand why we do what we do, and for that they will hate us.

John 15:22-23
This means that whoever hates Jesus also hates God! IF we love Jesus and follow him, and what God told him to tell us, then we will be saved from our sin. We hear this day after day, truly Jesus loves us more then we will ever know during our time on Earth. He loves us because God loves us all the same, and yet different. I pray that the love he has show us, would be reflected by what we do. If we love God, and trust in him, he will show us the way.

John 15:24-27
The world hates Jesus because he was telling the truth, and as they say, the truth hurts sometimes.

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